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Environmental Education Lecture – Understanding the migration and round trip of birds 
Birds have no nationality. They travel a long distance, such as from one country to another, or even fly from one continent to another, moreover, fly far over half of the earth. How did they reach their destination accurately? Let us understand how the bird is flying and positioning with his GPS?
There are three main reasons for the phenomenon of migratory bird migration::
1. 冰川時期的影響:在冰川時期,地球北大陸多被冰川覆蓋,大批昆蟲、植物死亡,鳥類為了生存,多次被迫向南方遷飛,每次冰川融化後,又遷回它的出生地,久而久之,就形成了鳥類的本能而遺傳下來了。
1. The influence of the ice age: During the ice age, the northern continent of the earth was mostly covered by glaciers, and a large number of insects and plants died. In order to survive, Birds were forced to migrate to the south many times, and each time while the glacier melted, they moved back to their birthplace. Time over time, formed the instinct of birds and inherited it.
2. Selection of breeding place: The breeding place of birds needs to have abundant food and necessary safety conditions. The wintering place is not suitable for nesting and breeding, so they return to their hometown every spring.
3. Physiological stimulation: The migration of birds depends to a large extent on the endocrine stimulation produced in their body.
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