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2021種子講師暨志工培訓成果發表-Part 2 Lecturer and Volunteer Training Results Announced.-Part 2
2021 Ecological Record of Winter Migratory Birds in Qieding Wetland Park. 《Aythya Fuligula》

2021 Ecological Record of Winter Migratory Birds in Qieding Wetland Park. 《Aythya Fuligula》

Tufted Duck (Aythya Fuligula) inhabits Qieding Wetland Park, and the winter migratory period is from November to March each year. This bird species is mainly distributed in Eurasia and northern Africa. They are good at folding their wings for diving, and most of them feed on aquatic plants as their staple food. Some species also often dive for food, stick their heads into the water at the shallow water's edge, or plunge into the water with the tail up and feed on fish, shrimp, and shellfish. Foraging activities are mainly in the early morning and dusk. They usually rest on the shore, float on the open water to sleep during the daytime. The abundant natural Qieding Wetland provides a comfortable environment for the clustered and timid pochard ducks to spend the winter here. The male bird is characterized by a shiny purple luster, and the crown of the back of the head is prolonged and drooping. The whole body is covered in black and the abdomen is white, and the lower abdomen is slightly gray too. The females are characterized by dark brown, pale grayish brown to grayish-white on the belly, without obvious crests, and some white under tale or white spots on the base of the beak. The eyes are yellow, the beak is gray, and the tarsals and toes are gray. Due to the round body shape, the webbed position is behind the body and is not good at walking on land. But Tufted Duck which is not good at walking on the road can float on the water with slide over the water easily. Before takeoff, they will run up on the surface of the water to complete a continuous lift-off movement.


茄萣濕地賞鳥屋前的翠鳥覓食秀--小蝦米吃大鯨魚 茄萣濕地賞鳥屋前的翠哥,剛從水裡捕捉到一隻比自己身形還大的吳郭魚,素有魚狗外號的翠鳥卻展現小蝦米吃大鯨魚的功夫,我甩、 我甩 、我甩甩甩,巧妙的將魚身從扁平甩到圓潤、再順口吞,而這樣的覓食秀正天天在茄萣濕地的賞鳥屋前上演,沖水時濺起滿身水花,因為身手敏捷、一閃即逝的視線被比喻為鳥界的藍色精靈,欣賞這樣的捉魚秀,在茄萣濕地天天都能肉眼可見。 經過整頓展現新活力,浚深過的護堤旁水道宛如一條蜿蜒小河,雨季過後河畔青青草木深,不少留鳥紛紛嬉戲遊玩於草原上,茄萣濕地不再只是候鳥度冬棲地,志工們利用地形進行棲地營造打造百鳥天堂,撿拾漂流木依鳥類習性佈鳥樁,有為猛禽設立的大樹樁以及沿水道四周佈立的短木樁,不到半年已陸續紀錄黑翅鳶、大捲尾、洋燕、褐頭鷦鶯、翠鳥等10餘種鳥類輪流站樁成果豐碩,茄萣濕地潛藏的實力與魅力將逐步開演。 The kingfisher in front of the bird-watching house in the Qieding Wetland just caught a Wu Guo fish larger than its own body from the water. The kingfisher, known as the fish dog, showed the skill of small shrimps eating big whales. , I shook, I shook, skillfully shook the fish body from flat to round, and then swallowed it smoothly, and this kind of foraging show was staged every day in front of the bird watching the house in the eggplant wetland, splashing with water when flushing, Because the agile and fleeting sight, is likened to the blue elves of the bird world, enjoying such a fish catching show can be seen with the naked eye every day in the wetland of eggplant. After reorganization and display of new vitality, the dredged berm next to the waterway is like a winding river. After the rainy season, the riverside is deep with green grass and trees. Many resident birds are playing and playing on the grassland. The eggplant wetland is no longer a winter habitat for migratory birds. Workers used the terrain to create habitats to create a bird paradise, pick up driftwood and arrange bird piles according to the habits of birds, including large tree stumps for raptors and short wooden piles erected around the waterway. In less than half a year, the black-winged kite, More than 10 species of birds, such as big capuchin, foreign swallow, brown-headed wren, and kingfisher, have achieved fruitful results, and the hidden strength and charm of the Qieding wetland will gradually unfold.
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